Fundamentals of Training


Fundamentals of Training is a comprehensive, evidence-based strength training program. This 12-week program is designed to help you look and feel your best!


Fundamentals of Training is a comprehensive, evidence-based strength training program designed to help you look and feel your best. Created by a licensed physical therapist, athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Fundamentals of Training gets back to the basics of weightlifting and progresses through three different phases to help you transform your body.

This program is designed to be simple enough for relative beginners in the gym to follow and complete but challenging enough for experienced lifters to feel a sense of accomplishment and see amazing results.

Fundamentals of Training covers:

  • What the 6 fundamental movements are, why they are important to quality training and how to perform them correctly.
  • The difference between “heavy” and “metabolic” lifting days. They both offer immense benefits by utilizing different strategies.
  • How to schedule your workouts based on your availability.
  • What equipment you will need to complete the program. There are very few pieces of equipment that are “absolutes” – almost everything can be modified to be used with other equipment which will not affect the outcome of the program.
  • Additional resources are available to you while completing this program. For example, by purchasing Fundamentals of Training, you will gain access to a private Facebook group that can be used to post any questions you have about the program.
  • In-depth analysis and rationale regarding both the warm up routines and the recovery workout as well as full explanations about how to properly perform each.
  • Full walkthrough with an explanation of how to properly perform each exercise in the entire program, broken down by each lifting day for each of the three phases.
  • Custom training logs designed specifically for Fundamentals of Training for users to track their progress during each phase.

This program has everything you need to be successful, including detailed introductory sections for each method in the program, step-by-step walkthroughs for warm-up, lifts and recovery as well as easy-to-read training logs to track your lifts throughout the 12-week program.


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