Work(out) From Home


A home workout resistance band training program. This intelligently programmed six-week program only requires resistance bands and a foam roll!


Home workouts can have the tendency to get boring. If you are like most people, your workouts and exercise routines have probably been interrupted in some capacity in the past year. Not only are more people than ever working from home, but they are struggling to find options to workout while at home. While you can always find ways to be active, I realize it can be difficult to keep things fresh without a gym full of equipment.

My goal with developing this program was to create something that you can do basically anywhere with minimal equipment. All you need are a few SuperbandsMinibands and a Foam Roll. So, whether you are starting from the beginning of your fitness journey or just looking to switch up your routine, this program is for you!

Training with resistance bands is extremely convenient. This is especially true if you are training in a small space, don’t have access to other weight training equipment or travel frequently.

Bands are also incredibly versatile. They can be used for essentially any exercise you could do with dumbbells, barbells or other heavy, expensive equipment. As long as you have something stable to tie or anchor the band to, you can use resistance bands almost anywhere.

Their versatility is also demonstrated by the variable resistance they offer. Stretching bands further gives more resistance, where less tension will offer less resistance. This makes resistance bands the perfect method for making subtle tweaks to the difficulty of your workouts.

Whether limited by the current equipment or space at your disposal, training with resistance bands can offer a nice change of pace and are extremely effective for all the reasons I’ve outlined here. But don’t take my word for it, jump right in to this program and get started!

Work(out) From Home is an evidence-based six-week resistance band workout program you can perform from the comfort of your home. All you need for these home workouts are some resistance bands and a foam roll to get started!


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