Fundamentals of Training

A Smarter Way to Train

Fundamentals of Training is a comprehensive, evidence-based training program designed to help you look and feel your best. Created by a licensed physical therapist, athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Fundamentals of Training gets back to the basics of training and progresses through three different phases to help you transform your body. This program is designed to be simple enough for relative beginners in the gym to follow and complete but challenging enough for experienced lifters to feel a sense of accomplishment and see amazing results.

Fundamentals of Training is based on six fundamental movement patterns:

  • Squat
  • Hip Hinge
  • Lunge
  • Upper Body Push
  • Upper Body Pull
  • Loaded Carry

This program has everything you need to be successful, including detailed introductory sections for each method in the program, step by step walkthroughs for warm up, training and recovery as well as easy to read training logs to track your lifts throughout the 12-week program.

Dynamic Warm Ups

The dynamic warm up routines contained in Fundamentals of Training are unique to each type of training day. These should be quick and easy to complete prior to beginning your lifting program. The routines will take you through multiple phases of a proper warm up in a timely fashion before getting into the intense training programs. This saves lifters from rolling around on a foam roller and stretching for 30 minutes before they actually start their lift. These are designed to be as efficient as possible so you spend the majority of your time on what will ultimately reap the results – the training programs.

Training Programs

Each training program emphasizes certain parts of the six fundamental movement patterns. Every week is split into different training sessions that will hit all patterns in at least one workout each week. Fundamentals of Training is comprised of three phases, each lasting four weeks. The first phase introduces these fundamental movements, while each successive phase builds upon that base. These workouts should take anywhere from 55-75 minutes to perform (including warm up time). Our goal is to get a great workout in without spending hours in the gym. Fundamentals of Training emphasizes quality of movement and loading over quantity and unnecessary sets and reps.

Recovery Workout

The end of each training week will consist of a recovery workout. Recovery is not a passive modality, as many have come to believe. Spending your Sunday glued to your couch does not count as recovery! True recovery requires active means to take advantage of your body’s natural ability to heal. This total body recovery requires minimal equipment to perform and should take no longer than an hour total. You might be feeling sore or worn down after a tough week of training. These recovery sessions are designed to help your body get back to feeling your best so you can attack the next week of workouts without missing a beat!

Dynamic Warm Ups

Every good program is preceded by a good warm up. These warm up routines should take no more than 8-12 minutes to complete prior to getting into your lifting program. They will leave you feeling primed and ready to attack your lift for the day.

Training Programs

Of course, this 12 week program is centered around training. Fundamentals of Training will take you through progressions of the six fundamental movement patterns, while progressively loading and taking advantage of smarter methods to achieve amazing results.

Recovery Workout

Hard training requires a lot of effort. But that effort needs to be accompanied by proper rest and recovery. Using these proven recovery methods, you will be able to recover more efficiently and train more effectively.

The Fundamental Difference

To demonstrate just what is covered in Fundamentals of Training, the table of contents is shown below. In addition to simply providing 12 weeks of workouts, this program is truly comprehensive. Fundamentals of Training covers:

  • What the 6 fundamental movements are, why they are important to quality training and how to perform them correctly.
  • The difference between “heavy” and “metabolic” lifting days. They both offer immense benefit by utilizing different training strategies.
  • How to schedule your workouts based on your availability.
  • What equipment you will need to complete the program. There are very few pieces of equipment that are “absolutes” – almost everything can be modified to be used with other equipment which will not effect the outcome of the program.
  • Additional resources that are available to you while completing this program. For example, by purchasing Fundamentals of Training, you will gain access to a private Facebook group that can be used to post any questions you have about the program.
  • In-depth analysis and rationale regarding both the warm up routines and the recovery workout as well as full explanations about how to properly perform each.
  • Full walkthrough with explanation of how to properly perform each exercise in the entire program, broken down by each lifting day for each of the three phases.
  • Custom training logs designed specifically for Fundamentals of Training for users to track their progress during each phase.

With all this information contained in one training program, Fundamentals of Training is a fantastic resource for those who are serious about their training. By having all these resources available to you, you will undoubtedly love the results that you see and feel.

While it is an amazing program (if I do say so myself), Fundamentals of Training may not be for everyone. If you are someone who is not committed to improving their strength, physique and health through rigorous training, this may not be for you. If you have trouble sticking with a consistent routine for more than a few weeks, Fundamentals of Training may not be for you. With that said, I want to offer as much support as I can for you during this program. That is a huge reason why I created the private Facebook group for people who are going through Fundamentals of Training – to make that support available for everyone who purchases this program so they can succeed.

I won’t sugar coat it – these 12 weeks will be incredibly difficult if you are truly pushing yourself. But if you are willing and dedicated to putting in the effort, you will absolutely reap the rewards of that hard work.

Achieve Your Physical Goals Through Smarter Training and Rehabilitation

Fundamentals of Training

Fundamentals of Training is a comprehensive, evidence-based training program designed to help you look and feel your best. Build strength and reduce injury risk by utilizing the six fundamental movement patterns. This program will take you through three phases over 12 weeks of workouts.


Pat is an awesome trainer – he always pushes me further than I’m able to push myself. He’s also great at explaining exercises and why we do them. Pat is also a Physical Therapist and has my health in mind as well as my weight loss goals. I loved working with him!!

Alec – Boston

About the Author – Patrick Gilbert PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS


Patrick is a physical therapist, athletic trainer and personal trainer. He runs Summit Performance and Therapy in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been training clients of all backgrounds for years and has been a practicing physical therapist since 2016. His training philosophy combines his knowledge of rehabilitation as well as strength and conditioning in order to train clients to achieve great results and avoid injuries in the process. His physical therapy practice focuses on a three-dimensional view and treatment of the body and its many parts. Treatment emphasizes manual techniques and rehabilitative exercises to get patients back to previous activity levels without pain or dysfunction.

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