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How to Utilize Resistance Bands in Your Training

With the recent release of my resistance band program, Work(out) From Home, I thought it would be helpful to write a post discussing the benefits of utilizing resistance bands in your training. Not only are bands convenient and versatile, but they have the ability to transform your workouts in ways that barbells and dumbbells alone simply cannot do. Bands can be used for corrective and accessory exercises as well as in combination with compound movements to either improve strength or power! If interested in learning more about training with bands, check out Work(out) From Home!

Exercise, Summit Performance and Therapy

Ignoring Recovery Will Kill Your Training Gains – Fix That with the Intelligent Recovery Method

Recovery is often overlooked when it comes to training. People prioritize training hard without stopping to recover. If all you ever do is go, go, go, you make it much more difficult for your body to recover fully in order to see true strength and physique changes.

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Reciprocal Inhibition – Why You Need to Know About It

Reciprocal inhibition is a complex phenomenon that occurs within the body. In reality, it is quite simple to perform. It can be used during stretching and soft tissue mobility to improve mobility and movement patterns.