Testing “Functional Strength” – Part 2

Patrick Gilbert PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Last month I wrote a post on “functional strength”. I took functional standards from Dr. John Rusin and Dr. Chad Waterbury and saw how well I did on each of these lifts. In the month since this initial testing I have continued to train consistently, though not specifically for these seven lifts. After four weeks of training, I re-tested these lifts. Here are the results, including what I was able to do last month.

My calculations based on 200# BW

Note: Some of these lifts included standardized BW percentage for females

Pull-up (1RM)
Male Standard: 140% BW (280#)
Female Standard: 100% BW
7/22/18: 125% BW (250#)
8/20/18: 127.5% BW (255#)

Barbell RDL (3RM)
Standard: 162% BW (324#)
7/22/18: 143% BW (286#)
8/20/18: 154% BW (308#)

Split-Stance Single Arm OH Press (1RM)
Male Standard: 40% BW (80#)
Female Standard: 30% BW
7/22/18: 32.5% BW (65#)
8/20/18: 37.5% BW (75#)

Chest-Supported Seated Row (1RM)
Male Standard: 140% BW (250#)
Female Standard: 100% BW
7/22/18: 110% BW (220#)
8/20/18: 140% BW (250#)*

DB Reverse Lunge (3RM)
Standard: 40% BW (80#)
7/22/18: 50% BW (100#)*
8/20/18: 60% BW (120#)*

Bench Press (1RM)
Standard: 125% BW (250#)
Female Standard: 85% BW
7/22/18: 110% BW (220#)
8/20/18: 117.5% BW (235#)

Farmer’s Carry (0:30 Carry)
“Non-Athlete” Standard: 100% BW (200#)
“Athlete” Standard: 200% BW (400#)
7/22/18: 100% BW (200#)*
8/20/18: 110% BW (220#)*

* Standard achieved

Last month I achieved 2 of 7 standards. Not only did I achieve 3 of 7 this month, but I was able to increase weight on every lift.

It is interesting to see progress even when these specific lifts were not a focus of my training (I didn’t do a single split-stance OH press since the last test). My goal for the next month will be to train these movement specifically to see how I improve for the next test.

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  1. https://drjohnrusin.com/functional-strength-standards/

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